November 21, 2022

Space-saving kitchen storage ideas

Creating storage solutions for a small kitchen is not as difficult as it seems. A compact kitchen can be designed to be a pleasure to prepare and cook in, provide space for dining and still be a hub for the family. If you decide on a small kitchen design, storage is essential to keep the space feeling spacious and functional.

Organize your kitchen so that you can store items efficiently

When thinking of the layout for a small kitchen, the first thing to consider is how much storage space you need. Then, create different zones for each area as described above, where an open kitchen is perfect for breakfast and coffee breaks.

Curate your collection

A smart kitchen idea that will make a statement is painting shelves and the backdrop in coordinating colours. The lighter colour should be at the top of the wall, which will help to open up the space. Grouping similar items together and creating small vignettes is a good idea if you’re wondering how to make a small kitchen look bigger.

Glass-fronted cabinets are ideal for displaying glassware

Glass-fronted cabinets are a good choice if you want to show off certain items, but also need to store other things. Glass-fronted kitchen cabinets are a great way to make a centrepiece for your best glassware—and keep everything inside clean and ready to use. This small kitchen storage idea has three benefits: it reflects light, making the space feel larger; it allows you to see through the glass doors, creating the visual illusion that there is more depth; and it can be lit from within at night.